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Monday 18 December 2023

Burunge WMA and Babati District council to protect Kwakuchinja Corridor


By our Reporter in Serengeti


Members of the Burunge Wildlife Management Areas of Babati District, Manyara Region have agreed to cooperate with the Council Director's Office and the government to manage conservation issues including the protection of Wildlife corridor (Shoroba).

The decision was reached today, Monday December 18, 2023 in a joint meeting at Kampango Hotel Mugumu Serengeti, as part of the leaders' study tour to  the Ikona WMA's to learn how to deal with conflicts between wildlife and humans.

The leaders of Burunge WMA in the presence of members of the steering committee (AA), members of the Board and leaders of the Babati District council and the department of wildlife in Manyara region, are making a training visit to Ikona WMA, a visit that is sponsored by the Chemchem Association, which has invested in the activities of conservation and Tourism in Burunge WMA's.

The Director of the Babati District Council Anna Mbogo has said that to ensure the Plant visit of the leaders of Burunge WMA made up of ten villages bears fruit they need to cooperate.

"The sustainability of this park is to stick together for the protection of the forest and to control those invaders and those who want to hinder us but also to control some of those who will want to sabotage them again" he said

He said the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Samia Suhulu Hassan is doing a great job of promoting Tourism which has been of great benefit, Burunge WMA must support the efforts of

President to attract tourists but also increase income, due to Tourism.

Manyara Regional Wildlife Officer, Felix Mwasenga and Babati District Council Wildlife Officer, Christopher Laizer explained that Burunge WMA area is very important for tourism and Conservation in the country and therefore it must be protected but also have strategies and increase income

The chairman of Burunge WMA, Erick Lilayoni said all the leaders of the reserve have agreed to remove their differences with the government and now they are collaborating with their investor spring to develop conservation and tourism.

"Director of the council, we apologize for everything that happened in the past, we were misused and wanted to destabilize WMA but now we are one thing and we want progress" he said

Board member of Burunge WMA, Lebrice Makau and Elibariki Lawasare apologized to the government and council of Babati because for two years they were in crisis after being misled and thus, failing to receive expert advice.

Lawasare said they apologize to the director of the council, the District Commissioner Lazaro Twange and all the experts of the council and the government for ignoring their advice for two years because

they were misled by the interests of the few and now they have broken the groups and have agreed to cooperate with the government in conservation and following all laws.

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